August Heat (#15)

La Vampa D’Agosto


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Description of Scene  (Actual Location)

  1. 1.Credits - Various arial views  (Punta Secca, Ragusa Ibla, [other])                                                                   

  2. 2.Montalbano swimming

  3. 3.Montalbano on beach near his house (Beach and House at Punta Secca)

  4. 4.Montalbano on verandah on lowest level of house, answering phone (House at Punta Secca)

  5. 5.Mimi, Beba and Montalbano on verandah of house with pool behind

  6. 6.scenes around house

  7. 7.Mimi, Beba and Montalbano at end of pool

  8. 8.Montalbano on clifftop behind house

  9. 9.Montalbano at stone cottage, talking to farmer

  10. 10.Montalbano, Mimi and Beba at house, palm tree in background

  11. 11.Montalbano at side of house

  12. 12.Interior of basement looking out to ladder down from the ground level - Montalbano appears, leaves with boy

  13. 13.Montalbano, Mimi, Biba and Fazio outside house

  14. 14.Fazio and Montalbano with olive trees in background

  15. 15.Montalbano in basement

  16. 16.Montalbano near pool

  17. 17.Doctor comes out of basement, talks to Fazio

  18. 18.Doctor and Montalbano on verandah, pool in background

  19. 19.Montalbano’s car pulls up at the bottom of the hill in a town

  20. 20.Montalbano with real estate agent Callara in front of glass office windows

  21. 21.Montalbano and Callara walk along promenade with town on hill behind [Ragusa?]

  22. 22.Montalbano and Callara in basement

  23. 23.Montalbano and Callara on verandah near pool.

  24. 24.Montalbano’s office - he and Fazio are joined by Spitaleri

  25. 25.Montalbano and Fazio in square outside police station (Ragusa Ibla  -  Piazza Polo near Church of San Giuseppe)

  26. 26.Montalbano’s office - Montalbano, Fazio and Spitaleri

  27. 27.Montalbano’s office - Montalbano, Di Pasquale

  28. 28.Montalbano in outer office with Catarella

  29. 29.Montalbano in his office

  30. 30.Montalbano and Fazio in square outside police station (Ragusa Ibla  -  Piazza Polo near Church of San Giuseppe)

  31. 31.Montalbano inside his house and on balcony (House at Punta Secca)

  32. 32.Montalbano in outer office with Catarella

  33. 33.Montalbano’s office - Montalbano, Fazio

  34. 34.Montalbano at beach restaurant ‘Da Enzo’  with blue verandah and yellow railings, beach in background

  35. 35.Montalbano swimming

  36. 36.Montalbano on lower balcony at his house (House at Punta Secca)

  37. 37.Montalbano in outer office with Catarella

  38. 38.Montalbano in his office with Adriana Morreale, Fazio

  39. 39.Montalbano, Fazio, Micciche at house with pool

  40. 40.Montalbano and Adriana inside same restaurant (white walls, yellow shutters, blue chairs)

  41. 41.Montalbano and Adriana in basement

  42. 42.Montalbano and Adriana in car outside restaurant

  43. 43.Montalbano and Fazio interview di Pasquali in house with pool, verandah in background

  44. 44.Montalbano and Fazio arrive by car at building site cut into side of limestone cliff covered in creepers

  45. 45.Workers leave

  46. 46.Attanasio looks at workman’s tin shed, Montalbano and Fazio confront him and leave

  47. 47.Montalbano and Fazio in car outside his house (House at Punta Secca)

  48. 48.Montalbano in his office

  49. 49.Montalbano in bed at his house (House at Punta Secca)

  50. 50.Montalbano walking down narrow street in old quarter with safety officer, then up steps [Ragusa?]

  51. 51.Montalbano in prickly pear field with bamboo fence and stone hut approaches peasant

  52. 52.Montalbano leaves towards sea

  53. 53.Montalbano descends into basement, finds estate agent and surveyor

  54. 54.Montalbano, estate agent and surveyor on verandah of house with pool

  55. 55.Montalbano in main room at his house and outside on balcony (House at Punta Secca)

  56. 56.Montalbano in his office with Fazio

  57. 57.Montalbano with Adriana in main room at his house and outside on balcony, Fazio enters (House at Punta Secca)

  58. 58.Montalbano, Adriana and Fazio on balcony (House at Punta Secca)

  59. 59.Montalbano and Fazio outside Montalbano’s house (House at Punta Secca)

  60. 60.Montalbano alone on balcony (House at Punta Secca)

  61. 61.Adriana walking down walkway towards beach (beach in front of house at Punta Secca)

  62. 62.Montalbano and Adriana in water, returning to house (beach in front of house at Punta Secca)

  63. 63.Adriana near pool outside house, Montalbano arrives in car, Fazio and Galuzzo arrive then leave

  64. 64.Montalbano and Adriana on verandah of house

  65. 65.Montalbano and Adriana in basement, Spitaleri arrives, Fazio and Galuzzo arrive, Montalbano leaves

  66. 66.Montalbano on clifftop, descends towards water

  67. 67.Montalbano swimming

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