The Wings of the Sphinx (#16)

Le Ali della Sfinga

DVD Volume 4, Episode 2


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Description of Scene  (Actual Location)

  1. 1.Credits - Various arial views  (Punta Secca, Ragusa Ibla, [other])                                                                   

  2. 2.Interior of Montalbano’s house, Montalbano takes call, Adelina enters (House at Punta Secca)

  3. 3.Montalbano’s car travels down dirt road next to beach  (    )                                                                   

  4. 4.From headland above beach, past wooden railings and a low stone parapet, Montalbano sees the activity on the beach

  5. 5.Fazio interviews a fisherman on the beach

  6. 6.Fazio rejoins Montalbano on the headland above the beach, prosecutor Tommaseo arrives and they all walk back to the beach

  7. 7.Dr Arqua and Montalbano talk on headland

  8. 8.Catarella in outer office of ‘Vigata’ station, Montalbano arrives

  9. 9.Montalbano in his office with Sga Picarella and Fazio

  10. 10.Montalbano visits Nicolo in his TV studio

  11. 11.Montalbano outside the police station, di Noto arrives in red car (Ragusa Ibla  -  Piazza Polo near Church of San Giuseppe)

  12. 12.Fazio, Montalbano and di Noto in Montalbano’s office

  13. 13.Montalbano and Catarella in outer office

  14. 14.Montalbano and Dr Arqua at two rooms in mortuary (white tiled)

  15. 15.Montalbano and Auguello at beachside restaurant with yellow balustrade and blue woodwork

  16. 16.Catarella in outer office

  17. 17.Montalbano goes to house of Signor Grageffa - amongst a small group of houses built right on the rocky shore, protected from the waves only by a stone balustrade topped with tiles

  18. 18.Montalbano in office with Auguello and Fazio

  19. 19.Montalbano driving along the esplanade is overtaken by Ingrid (Ragusa Marina?)

  20. 20.Montalbano and Ingrid on balcony at his house (House at Punta Secca)

  21. 21.Montalbano, Auguello, Sga Picarella in Montalbano’s office

  22. 22.Cururaci with Montalbano in Montalbano’s office

  23. 23.Montalbano at Signor Grageffa’s house on the rocks

  24. 24.Montalbano ascends staircase in villa with a dark yellow stained glass border around the large window on the landing of the stairs, walks through rooms with marble floors, red walls, chandeliers to a large salon with a grand piano.

  25. 25.Montalbano with priest in his office

  26. 26.Montalbano in small room with photos of girls on table

  27. 27.Montalbano in next room with Signor Piro and woman assistant, Signor Lapis enters

  28. 28.Montalbano, Lapis and woman leave the office and walk down a wide corridor, see girls fighting, look into large room where other girls are sitting

  29. 29.Montalbano at his house (House at Punta Secca)

  30. 30.Montalbano visits Adelina’s son in prison - vaulted room with two long tables and a grille door at one end

  31. 31.Montalbano outside Cannizarro’s house - old street, mossy steps

  32. 32.Montalbano in Questore’s office with Questore

  33. 33.Montalbano leaves station, is called by Signor Grageffa into the nearby church (Ragusa Ibla  -  Piazza Polo near Church of San Giuseppe)

  34. 34.Montalbano and Signor Grageffa in large, white walled church (Ragusa Ibla  - Church of San Giuseppe?)

  35. 35.Montalbano gets in car outside station, talks to Fazio (Ragusa Ibla  -  Piazza Polo near Church of San Giuseppe)

  36. 36.Montalbano, Fazio, policeman in uniform at ‘Montelusa hospital’ with injured woman in hospital room, leave the room and all walk together down the corridor

  37. 37.Montalbano and Fazio speak to Father Antonio on wide paved area overlooking a valley and the old city (Modica?)

  38. 38.Montalbano and Fazio descend steps to car.  Behind them is a balcony, the hills either side of a valley, which are covered in city houses.  The hill immediately behind them is topped with a rectangular building with a red flat roof.

  39. 39.Montalbano and Fazio in car.

  40. 40.Montalbano and Fazio outside old paint shop in ‘Montelusa’

  41. 41.Montalbano and Fazio in interior of shop, burnt out

  42. 42.Montalbano, Fazio and Di Nardo talk in shop

  43. 43.Police car in street near church

  44. 44.Montalbano ascends marble staircase to flat (same staircase as to Tina’s apartment in The Patience of the Spider?)

  45. 45.Police car in street near church

  46. 46.Montalbano, Fazio and Morabito in interior of flat, enter his bedroom which has blue wallpaper

  47. 47.Montalbano enters Auguello’s office.  Picarellas are there already.

  48. 48.Montalbano, Morobito and Fazio in burnt out shop.

  49. 49.Retrospective - Morobito awakes at night, follows intruder as they descend marble staircase, go through door, come into shop.  Morobito drives to beach, pulls bag along beach, leaves

  50. 50.Montalbano, Fazio, Di Nardo, Morobito

  51. 51.Montalbano in Questore’s office

  52. 52.Montalbano in outer office, leaves and joins Fazio in the street outside.

  53. 53.Montalbano at his house, on balcony (House at Punta Secca)

  54. 54.Adelina at Montalbano’s house, makes him coffee (House at Punta Secca)

  55. 55.Montalbano at his house (House at Punta Secca)

  56. 56.Montalbano drives along brick-paved road, under arch into old town area.  He and Fazio inspect scene of roadside shooting.

  57. 57.Montalbano at TV office with reporter.

  58. 58.Montalbano in his office with Fazio.

  59. 59.Montalbano and Father Antonio walk under palm trees

  60. 60.Montalbano and Father Antonio in small white-walled church

  61. 61.Montalbano and Father Antonio ascend stairs to apartment above church, while walls and floors.  Talk to Katia, Irina.

  62. 62.Montalbano at barn door.  Enters, followed by Gelluzzo.  Montalbano, Galluzzo and other officers in old ‘tuna factory’ courtyard, enter house.

  63. 63.Officers in empty room with vaulted ceiling and stone floors and walls.

  64. 64.Officers in old factory or barn, with stone pillars and arches.

  65. 65.Montalbano in abandoned vegetable farm, with plastic sheeting hanging off old greenhouses.  Man captured.

  66. 66.Montalbano, Fazio, Signor Piro in outer police office.

  67. 67.Montalbano in his office.

  68. 68.Montalbano outside office with Piro and Inspector Filiberto from Montelusa, Montalbano leaves in his car (Ragusa Ibla  -  Piazza Polo near Church of San Giuseppe)

  69. 69.Montalbano arrives by taxi in the rain on a road lined with palm trees, railings and a metal gate at ‘Livia’s apartment’ in ‘Genoa’.

  70. 70.Montalbano in corridor of building

  71. 71.Montalbano in Livia’s apartment.

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