The dance of the gull (#20)

La Danza del Gabbiano


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Description of Scene  (Actual Location)

  1. 1.Credits - Various arial views  (Punta Secca, Ragusa Ibla, [other])                                                                   

  2. 2.Montalbano swimming

  3. 3.Montalbano on lower balcony at his house (House at Punta Secca)

  4. 4.Montalbano on beach outside his house. (House at Punta Secca)

  5. 5.Montalbano in his office.

  6. 6.Montalbano with Catarella and Mimi in the corridor outside.

  7. 7.Fisherman enters Montalbano’s office.

  8. 8.Fazio’s father calls Montalbano in his office

  9. 9.Montalbano and Mimi at Port[  ]

  10. 10.Const. Sassu[  ] and Montalbano and Mimi at Port

  11. 11.Montalbano in old [boat building?] factory with Mimi

  12. 12.Montalbano and Mimi near guardhouse and rocks

  13. 13.Montalbano and Mimi at port, watching divers at the port

  14. 14.Montalbano and Mimi speak to Nicolo at Port

  15. 15.Montalbano in countryside goes to stone quarry

  16. 16.Nicolo takes Montalbano blindfolded to the quarry

  17. 17.Nicolo and Mimi at quarry under olive trees

  18. 18.Montalbano’s car at limestone quarry near dry wells (Scibetta Mountain?)

  19. 19.Forensics examine body near dry wells - and near necropolis

  20. 20.Galluzio and Mimi with Montalbano near third well

  21. 21.Montalbano’s car enters limestone cave

  22. 22.Montalbano and Galluzio get Fazio

  23. 23.Fazio in hospital with doctor

  24. 24.Doctor, Galluzo and Montalbano in corridor

  25. 25.Montalbano in his house.  Fazio’s father rings. (House at Punta Secca)

  26. 26.Montalbano in his office with Mimi

  27. 27.Montalbano speaks to all staff at door to his office

  28. 28.Montalbano drives his car down a narrow street to a garden and wall

  29. 29.Montalbano talks to Pasquale in the street outside a monument, near olive trees

  30. 30.Montalbano at hospital office

  31. 31.Montalbano in hospital lift and corridor

  32. 32.Montalbano in Fazio’s hospital room

  33. 33.Montalbano leaving hospital lift

  34. 34.Montalbano in hospital corridor

  35. 35.Montalbano and Mimi in Montalbno’s office

  36. 36.Montalbano at the hospital speaking with the nurse

  37. 37.Montalbano in Fazio’s hospital room

  38. 38.Montalbano in hospital corridor talking to nurse and police

  39. 39.Montalbano driving car in narrow street

  40. 40.Montalbano enters house, talks to lady in kitchen

  41. 41.Montalbano in apartment

  42. 42.Montalbano leaves apartment through the foyer with two staircases leading from the ground floor

  43. 43.Montalbano having coffee with the widow of Filippo Manzella in her lounge room

  44. 44.Widow and Montalbano on roof with washing (Ragusa Ibla?)

  45. 45.Montalbano and widow in lounge.  He leaves.

  46. 46.Montalbano and Mimi in street outside police station, get into their cars and leave (Scili)

  47. 47.Montalbano at the hospital with nurse, in lift, in Fazio’s hospital room.  Talks to nurse.

  48. 48.Retrospective: Fazio is shot, in the warehouse, at the quarry

  49. 49.Montalbano and Fazio in hospital room.

  50. 50.Montalbano and nurse (Angela) in his car.  His car leaves the hospital gardens down a line of palms.

  51. 51.Montalbano and Angela on the promenade beside the sea, at Enzo’s restaurant with blue walls and yellow woodwork.

  52. 52.Montalbano’s car leaves and another follows.

  53. 53.Montalbano and Angela on the balcony at his house. They go inside.  He takes her to his car outside the house and they embrace. (House at Punta Secca)

  54. 54.Montalbano’s car pulls up outside the station and he meets Catarella. (Scili)

  55. 55.Montalbano in narrow street.

  56. 56.Montalbano speaks to Matilde the concierge in her kitchen of the apartments with the staircase.

  57. 57.Montalbano, Fazio and the drunk husband of Matilde in [the kitchen].

  58. 58.Cardallarmo on the verandah with his plants, looking through a telescope.

  59. 59.Mimi and Montalbano outside the station. Montalbano leaves by car. (Scili)

  60. 60.Montalbano enters the walled garden, comes to an iron gate and opens it.  Kitchen door opens, Montalbano enters and finds body.

  61. 61.Room with mirrored wall and barre.

  62. 62.Retrospective - transsexual kisses their friend and leaves.

  63. 63.Montalbano sees seagull.

  64. 64.Montalbano opens cupboard and finds letter.

  65. 65.Montalbano in his office reading letter.  Mimi calls.

  66. 66.Retrospective - see fisherman, Franco Singara.

  67. 67.Montalbano and Mim in Montalbano’s office.

  68. 68.Montalbano’s car down village lane at abandoned house.

  69. 69.Montalbano at his house.  Judge calls. (House at Punta Secca)

  70. 70.Police cars along the road to the wells

  71. 71.Montalbano, Galluzio etc arrive at the Sinagra house.  Telescope.  They find a hidden room.

  72. 72.Montalbano at his house watching TV.  Angela calls. (House at Punta Secca)

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