The Age of Doubt (#22)

L’età del Dubbio


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Description of Scene  (Actual Location)

  1. 1.Credits - Various arial views  (Punta Secca, Ragusa Ibla, [other])                                                                   

  2. 2.Montalbano walks along the corridor to his office.  There’s a large wreath at the entrance.  Speaks to Fazio, Catarella.  Enters his office.  Speaks to Fazio and Pasquale. Officers take coffin down the corridor. Montalbano follows.

  3. 3.Montalbano in his bed awakes to a thunderstorm. (House at Punta Secca)

  4. 4.Montalbano in the country in the rain.  Cars are banked up because of a landslide ahead.  Montalbano gets out of his car and walks up the line of cars.  Persuades the girl in the first car to come back with him.  His car reverses and leaves the scene.

  5. 5.Montalbano and girl in his house. (House at Punta Secca)

  6. 6.Montalbano and girl at harbour near lighthouse with double external balcony.  They get back in car.

  7. 7.Montalbano in his office.  Catarella enters.  Galluzzo enters with the girl. 

  8. 8.Montalbano and Naval Lieutenant at harbour. 

  9. 9.Montalbano on boat with Lieutenant and owners.  Dead body on deck of boat.

  10. 10.Montalbano in corridor of police station with Catarella and Fazio.

  11. 11.Montalabano in Harbour Police office with Lieutenant and Laura Belladonna.

  12. 12.Montalbano and Laura at harbour.   Laura goes through white metal gate to the outer harbour dock.

  13. 13.Montalbano and Pasquale in the mortuary with two attendants.

  14. 14.Montalbano and Fazio ascend wooden steps from the grassy area next to the harbour.

  15. 15.Montalbano in his offfice. Catarella enters.  Livia Giovannini enters.

  16. 16.Montalbano in his house at night.  Laura enters.  They eat on the verandah. (House at Punta Secca)

  17. 17.Laura leaves his house by the front door. (House at Punta Secca)

  18. 18.Montalbano enters the police station, speaks to Catarella.

  19. 19.Montalbano in his office.  Fazio enters.  Mr Digiulio enters.

  20. 20.Montalbano at Harbour Police office.  Talks to Lietenant.

  21. 21.Montalbano in his office with Fazio.  Mimi enters.

  22. 22.Montalbano at harbour speaks to newsman.

  23. 23.Montalbano enters his office.  Fazio enters.

  24. 24.Montalbano’s car ascends a hill.  Towns in the valley behind.  The car stops next to a stone wall.  He starts walking.

  25. 25.Night.  Montalbano’s car arrives at the restaurant.  He speaks to Laura.

  26. 26.Montalbano outside his house.  Laura arrives.   They talk in the downstairs balcony. (House at Punta Secca)

  27. 27.Montalbano at Bellavista Hotel with receptionist.

  28. 28.Montalbano in hotel room of deceased man (Mr Lannec).

  29. 29.Montalbano in his office.  Fazio enters.  Catarella enters.  Lieutenant enters.  He and Fazio leave.  Montalbano talks to Mimi on the phone

  30. 30.Montalbano in his office with Zizi and Fazio.

  31. 31.Mimi at the dock calls Montalbano.

  32. 32.Montalbano in his bed answers a knock at the front door from Fazio. (House at Punta Secca)

  33. 33.Zizi’s body in the water.  Montalbano and Fazio are on the yacht with the captain and Harbour Police inspector.

  34. 34.Motnalbano and Fazio drive away from the harbour.

  35. 35.Montabano in his office.  Mimi enters.

  36. 36.Montalbano and Pasquale at the mortuary.

  37. 37.Montalbano and Fazio at he dock.

  38. 38.Montalbano at the Harbour Police office with Laura.

  39. 39.Montalbano in his room at his house. (House at Punta Secca)

  40. 40.Montalbano in the Commissario’s office.

  41. 41.Montalbano’s car arrives at the Harbour Police office near the harbour.  He enters and speaks to Laura.

  42. 42.Mimi and Livia Giovannini in cabin.

  43. 43.Montalbano in his house, on his verandah. (House at Punta Secca)

  44. 44.Mimi and Montalbano in his house, downstairs kitchen and verandah. (House at Punta Secca)

  45. 45.Montalbano enters the prosecutor’s office.

  46. 46.Montalbano and Catarella in the police station.  Catarella with other officers in the main corridor.

  47. 47.Montalbano arrives at the boat.  Talks to the Captain.

  48. 48.Montalbano and Roberta.

  49. 49.Montalbano and Roberta outside police station. (Scili?)

  50. 50.Mimi and Signora Giovannini at boat.

  51. 51.Mimi on quay.  Fazio and Galluzzo arrive by car.  Second police car arrives.  They put Mimi in car and leave.

  52. 52.Montalbano in his office with Fazio, Mimmi and Roberta.

  53. 53.Montalbano and Galluzzo in car at harbour.  Fazio and Mimi in other car at harbour.

  54. 54.Roberta in car calls Montalbano. 

  55. 55.Montalbano goes to yacht and boards.

  56. 56.Montalbano inside yacht finds Laura.  They go on deck and jump in the sea.

  57. 57.Coastguard boats stop yacht.

  58. 58.Ambulance on quay.  It leaves and Montalbano is left behind.

  59. 59.Roberta speaks to Montalbano.

  60. 60.Nun descends black stone staircase with balustrade (past Montalbano who is sitting on the steps) and walks along the corridor.

  61. 61.Flashback to scenes between Montalbano and Laura.

  62. 62.Hospital corridor.  Lieutenant leaves crying. Montalbano on steps.

  63. 63.Montalbano looks out to see from ruined stone building above aloe vera plants.  He leaves the building and walks along the cliffs that slope down to the sea.