‘Inspector’ Montalbano Locations - and other things Sicilian


One of the reasons we visited Sicily in October 2010 was because of our love of the ‘Inspector Montalbano’ books by Andrea Camilleri and the RAI TV series based on the books (see list of films as released in Italian and list of films as subtitled in English).  We couldn’t believe our luck when we found we could stay in his own house on the beach: La Casa di Montalbano!

Since our visit, we have gained a new appreciation of both the books and the TV series and we enjoy spotting locations shown in the TV films. 

We also discovered that locations which in the films appear to be close might in reality be on the other side of Sicily from each other. 

Our time at Casa di Montalbano was especially enjoyable because all the guests had a common interest in the books and films and in visiting the spectacular Sicilian scenes shown in the films. 

We were also interested to find many groups, from tours to wedding parties, frequently arriving to have their photos taken in front of the house!

The trip to Sicily was too short for us to identify many of the locations, but hopefully this website will provide the framework for others to add their knowledge and share the enjoyment - and will provide a framework for discovering more about Camilleri’s other books.

Follow the links from the list of films as released in Italian to find comments about the locations in each specific film.   Please contact us to let us know about any locations we’ve missed (see below).  This website is still under construction so not all pages are yet complete.

Some locations such as Montalbano’s own house are common to all the films: see more....

How to obtain the films with English subtitles

The Montalbano films are shown in Australia on public broadcaster SBS in the original Italian with English Subtitles.  The films are based on books and short stories by Camilleri, not all of which have been translated into English.

DVDs in this format for Region 4 (playable in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean) are available from Australian bookshop Dymocks and from Il Negozio.

‘SPOILER’ WARNING:  if you go to the pages linked to the books and films (all presently under construction), as those pages become completed you’ll unavoidably learn some basic information about the plots.  Avoid those pages if you don’t want to find out what happens!

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