Locations generally


Locations Generally

Southern Sicily

  1. Montalbano’s house is on the beach at Punta Secca, near Piazzetta della Torre Scalambriand  - and you can stay there!

  1. The Montelusa Questura exterior is on the Piazza Italia in Scicli  between the Palazzo Penna and the Palazzo Mormino (Iacono)

  1. The Montelusa Questura interior is the office of the Mayor of the Commissariat of Scicli in Via Mormino Pen.

  1. The exterior of Montalbano’s police station is in Ragusa Ibla: the building adjacent to the Church of San Giuseppe on the Piazza Polo, but sometimes the exterior is also shown as the Piazza Italia in Scicli

  1. The olive tree is on the beach at Punta Secca near Saint Croce di Camerina

  1. The Mannara is the area surrounding the Old Brick Factory past Sampieri,  36 deg 42’ 45.39”N 14 deg 45’ 18.16”E

  2. Trattoria San Calogero is in reality La Trattoria La Rusticana, Corso XXV Aprile, Ragusa Ibla.

  1. most of the scenes described as being in Vigàta  are generally filmed in Porto Empedocle

Northern Sicily

Scenes used in various Montalbano films:

  1. The view from the top of the mountain above San Vito lo Capo

  2. The abandoned tuna factory off the Strada Provinciale 63, between San Vito lo Capo and Zarbo di Mare

  3. The Chapel of St Vitus’ wet nurse off Strada Provinciale 16, between Castelluzo and San Vito lo Capo.

Specific Films

For the specific locations in each film, follow the links from the specific English film names that appear on this page.

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