New Year’s eve



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Description of Scene  (Actual Location)

  1. 1.Credits - Various arial views  (Punta Secca, Ragusa Ibla, [other])                                                                   

  2. 2.Montalbano and Mery at the bus stop (Ragusa Ibla, outside the [    ] church)

  3. 3.A car arrives outside the police station (Scili)

  4. 4.Fazio (the elder) and Montalbano in the corridor.  Catarella enters.

  5. 5.Exterior of hotel.

  6. 6.Interior of hotel Reginella, Montalbano obtains keys from the front desk.

  7. 7.Montalbano in hotel room.

  8. 8.Montalbano eating food in his hotel room. Fireworks.

  9. 9.Montalbano on his bed.  Fireworks at his window.

  10. 10.Montalbano on his bed the next morning.  the telephone rings.

  11. 11.Catarella at the station.

  12. 12.Montalbano in bed talks on the phone.  Fazio enters.

  13. 13.Hotel corridor with Fazio, Montalbano, the concierge (Arnone) and the maid (Milena)

  14. 14.police enter room 22, see the deceased (Locastra).

  15. 15.Pasquale enters.

  16. 16.Montalbano and Arnone descend stairs to the main desk at the entrance.

  17. 17.Pasquale and Fazio enter.

  18. 18.Montalbano and Milena in room 28.

  19. 19.Paterno, montalbano and maid in corridor.

  20. 20.Montalbano and Panseca in the open air, walking behind railings alongside the stream (carpark at base of Ragusa Ibla)

  21. 21.Catarella enters Montalbano’s office.  Fazio enters.

  22. 22.Fazio and Montalbano in car travelling down narrow streets.

  23. 23.Car parks outside a house in a narrow street with a church at the end.

  24. 24.Montalbano and Fazio knock on the door of an old man.

  25. 25.Inside the old man’s apartment.

  26. 26.Montalbano and Fazio in street.

  27. 27.Montalbano and Fazio enter apartments and ascend stairs.  Enter the Sgro’s apartment.

  28. 28.Montalbano enters his office.  His father is sitting there.  His father leaves.  Montalbano calls in all his colleagues.

  29. 29.Montalbano in hotel room. Sees family opposite through their window.

  30. 30.Mrs Locastro (the widow) comes to Montalbano’s door.  They walk outside the hotel.  It is night.  They sit on a bench (near carpark at base of Ragusa Ibla).

  31. 31.Montalbano on beach. Punta Secca)

  32. 32.Montalbano at house on the beach.  He opens the shutters which are not locked.  He goes indoors and up the stairs.  Finds boys.  He catches one and leads him downstairs. (House at at Punta Secca)

  33. 33.Montalbano and boy driving in car along the waterfront.

  34. 34.Montalbano and boy with Adelina in her kitchen.

  35. 35.Montalbano leaves.  Adelina chases son.

  36. 36.Montalbano looks out hotel window and sees Mrs Sgro in the window opposite. 

  37. 37.Montalbano leaves hotel, rings the doorbell of the apartment opposite.

  38. 38.Montalbano in the Sgro apartment.

  39. 39.Montalbano in police corridor and cell with Mrs Sgro, Mr Sgro and policeman Paterno.

  40. 40.Mercedes draws up outside the house on the beach.  Montalbano talks to the owners outside and then they check inside and out. (Punta Secca)

  41. 41.Montalbano inside the house, cleaning it.  various views. (house at Punta Secca)

  42. 42.Montalbano in a towel opens the door of the house to the priest. (house at Punta Secca).

  43. 43.Montalbano on verandah with priest (Punta Secca)

  44. 44.Car stops on roadway with thick palms (Garden Ibleo at Ragusa Ibla?)

  45. 45.Montalbano and priest walk across gardens.

  46. 46.Montalbano and priest in hospital corridor.

  47. 47.Montalbano and priest in hospital room of Mrs Spagnolo.  Priest talks to Mrs Spagnolo and leaves.  Montalbano talks to Mrs Spagnolo and leaves.

  48. 48.Montalbano and priest walking down main garden path.

  49. 49.Montalbano enters his house with Mery, shows her around.  (house at Punta Secca)

  50. 50.Montalbano and Mery eating in kitchen.

  51. 51.Priest in street, Montalbano arrives in car.

  52. 52.Montalbano and Priest having coffee at a street table (outside ‘police station’ in Scili?)

  53. 53.Montalbano in office.  Catarella enters. Fazio enters.  Mrs Di Vicenzo arrives.  Catarella leaves.  She leaves, Fazio and Montalbano leave.

  54. 54.Montalbano at Forensics with Signor Munno.,

  55. 55.Munno, Montalbano and Fazio in street. They ascend a staircase.  They look in a flat under construction.  They speak to a workman.

  56. 56.Exterior of police station (Scili)

  57. 57.Montalabano and Fazio in Montalbano’s office.

  58. 58.Montalbano inspects Room 28 with Fazio.  Maid enters, leaves, returns.

  59. 59.Montalbano and widow on bench outside her hotel (near carpark below Ragusa Ibla)

  60. 60.Montalbano and Fazio in street walking behind railings (Ragusa Ibla in the background)

  61. arrives in small square outside church (Ragusa Ibla)

  62. 62.Montalbano and Fazio enter pharmacy .

  63. 63.Montalbano and Fazio  outside in small square near their car.

  64. 64.Montalbano and Fazio enter Reginella hotel.

  65. 65.Montalbano and Fazio outside hotel.  They get in the car.

  66. 66.Mery waiting at the bus stop.  She calls a taxi.

  67. 67.Mery arrives at Montalbano’s house and enters the house (house at Punta Secca).

  68. 68.Montalbano eating with Mrs Di Vincenza and her friend.

  69. 69.Montalbano arrives by car at his house.  Enters.  The phone rings.  He answers it and leaves again.  Mery in bed, she runs outside as his car leaves (house at Punta Secca).

  70. 70.Montalbano back with Mrs Di Vincenza and her friend.

  71. 71.Montalbano enters his house.  Goes to bed.  Finds Mery.  Mery leaves house, gets into taxi, followed by Montalbano (house at Punta Secca).

  72. 72.Montalbano on the beach (house at Punta Secca).

  73. 73.Montalbano emerges from a swim, Fazio is on the beach.

  74. 74.Mrs Locastro in Montalbano’s office.  He enters.

  75. 75.Fazio and Montalbano in the car driving down a hill (road opposite Ragusa Ibla?)

  76. parks in suburban street outside office.  Montalbano and Fazio talk to receptionist.

  77. 77.Office of Dr Panseca (employer of Locastro).

  78. 78.Montalbano in ‘Da Enzo’ restaurant (blue and yellow decor).  Fazio arrives.

  79. 79.Exterior of police station (Scili)

  80. 80.Montalbano’s office. Fazio enters.  Maid enters.  Panseco enters, maid leaves.

  81. 81.Police cars at car park (car park at bottom of Ragusa Ibla).

  82. 82.Police descend steps to hotel.

  83. 83.Montalbano enters hotel and speaks to Mrs Locastro and Arnone.

  84. 84.All outside hotel with police.

  85. 85.Montalbano in car, picks up Mrs Di Vincenza.

  86. 86.Montalbano in dining room eating with Mrs Di Vincenza.

  87. 87.Montalbano in his car pulls up outside the pharmacy.

  88. 88.Montalbano inside pharmacy talking to pharmacist.

  89. 89.Montalbano walks along palm lined street.

  90. 90.Montalbano walks up staircase.

  91. 91.Montalbano talks to nun who shows him into another room and leaves him.

  92. 92.Montalbano walking to his house. (house at Punta Secca).

  93. 93.Montalbano in his house. (house at Punta Secca).

  94. 94.Priest playing football with kids in a square outside a church.  Montalbano arrives.  they talk.

  95. 95.Car passes under footbridge.  stops at turning to Catania.  Parks outside tall stone and iron gates.  Montalbano enters and goes down path.  Sees aupair and children.  Enters the house.  Walks through rooms.  Finds old lady.  Leaves house.

  96. 96.Montalbano standing next to his car in the street, next to a stone wall.  Sees Mery go off on a motorbike with another man.  Starts car, drives away.

  97. 97.Montalbano in office.  Fazio and his son enter.